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The Pride of Placing Physicians
A degree in the medical profession is unlike any other. From persevering through years of medical schooling to the long hours at work, your credentials command a certain level of respect.

Locum Physicians, LLC is proud to place physicians in locum tenens jobs across the nation. The company has designed its services to ensure that physicians are well compensated and highly regarded at all times.

Physicians Prefer Locum Tenens
The staffing choice of a locum tenens (temporary) independent contractor is becoming more common each day. Below are just a few of the many advantages:
  • Locum tenens physicians are exposed to a variety of environments; this exposure increases the physician's skill set and, hence, his or her value.
  • Working as a locum tenens physician affords you the opportunity to see new places and travel.
  • The flexibility of a locum tenens lifestyle allows the physician to work when he or she chooses.
  • Leaves of absences are more easily accommodated for the locum tenens physician.

Simple and Straightforward
The first step in securing your ideal locum tenens assignment is to meet with a personal Locum Physicians consultant. This initial consultation gives you the opportunity to establish your individual job placement criteria, including:

  • Type of schedule
  • Dates of availability
  • States in which you are licensed
  • Geographic preference
  • Type of assignment you'd most enjoy
  • Special circumstances, if any

Once your consultant receives this information, he or she will begin the process of finding locum tenens placement opportunities that meet your professional and personal criteria.

In Your Best Interest
Although Locum Physicians makes the application procedure as straightforward as possible, part of your consultant's job is to further expedite this process. After you have thoroughly completed all of your forms, you can simply e-mail them to your consultant and he or she will handle the rest! This will allow you to skip time-consuming tasks such as authenticating your credentials, presenting your application to an insurance company, negotiations, and more.

The Locum Physicians Way
One of the ways in which Locum Physicians differentiates itself from other locum tenens placement agencies is by providing you with superior one-on-one attention. When you accept an assignment, your consultant will work with you from beginning to end, learning a great deal about which positions will fit your needs most.

Need More Reasons?

  • Professional Liability Insurance - Locum Physicians offers full-coverage professional medical liability insurance to its contracted providers.
  • Personal Customer Service - Managed by a team of multi-generation medical staffing recruiters, you will receive the individual attention you deserve without getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Credentialing - As part of the locum tenens process, all candidates are thoroughly credentialed.

Locum Physicians might be small but the firm's 25+ years of experience has taught us how to think "big."

Locum Physicians Cares
Locum Physicians is more than a temp agency for doctors. The company holds a deep respect for the medical community, especially the men and women who dedicate their lives to the healing of others. Perissos Staffing takes great pride in providing locum tenens services and our reputation shows it.  

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